------------- Barnehurst Federation of Schools ---------

      The Federation of Barnehurst Schools

 Executive Head Teacher - Mrs K Powell

We are a Federation made up of two schools.




Barnehurst Infant School and Barnehurst Junior School

Head of Schools:  Mrs A Chandler

Tel:  01322 334401/334214



Welcome to the Barnehurst Federation official website.


The Barnehurst Federation is situated in Barnehurst Avenue, Erith.


We are in the process of making many changes to the school premises so it is a vibrant and exciting place in which children can learn.  Children in both schools are working with the staff to ensure that their play areas offer plenty of opportunity for play, nature observations and PE activities.


Beyond the school we use Barnehurst and Northumberland Heath to explore geographical and historical features that allow the children to see themselves as part of a much wider community.


The Federation sees itself as a vibrant and forward thinking organisation that is always looking for new ways to ensure children achieve high standards.



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